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(Brand) Consistency is Key

Consistency is a key factor in building a strong and recognisable brand. Here are some reasons why it’s important to keep your brand consistent...

Branded business stationery which is bold and minimal
Business stationery which is consistent to the brand

Consistency builds trust

If you are consistently showing up, delivering the same message, talking about the same products, talking about the same services and using the same visuals then you will build trust with your audience. Why? Because if you're repeating your message, your customers will become familiar with your business and then start to expect that from you. If you continually do this, you become a business they can rely on and trust.

Improves recognition

If you keep using the same visuals over and over again and using the same colours, fonts, photography etc throughout every touchpoint, your customers will begin to recognise your brand.

If you continue to do this, you will stay top of mind when your customers (and potential customers) are ready to purchase.

Establishes credibility

Having a consistent brand shows that your business is professional. If we imagine, for a moment, that a business has a mix of styles - sometimes the business uses elegant fonts, a minimal colour palette and editorial style photography; then sometimes they use bold fonts, vibrant colours and irrelevant stock photography... this would show inconsistency and gives the impression that the business has no clear style direction and is 'all over the place'.

Subconsciously, customers may think this is how the business operates internally as well as externally. Customers want to be reassured that a product or service is top notch and having a brand that's a mishmash of styles is not appealing.

Consistency = credibility

Examples of brand creative elements, typography and colours


If you have a unique mix of colours, fonts, imagery etc and you are consistent with the visuals, you will begin to OWN your mix!

Having this unique mix will make your brand:

  • Look super professional

  • Be memorable

  • Help you stand out from your competitors that your business is the business that people want to purchase from.

Need help to create a consistent brand?

please get in touch by either filling out a brand identity enquiry form or for anything more general, just drop me a message on my contact form - both can be found here 👇

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