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How much do your brand identity packages cost?

My minimum investment and Signature Package is currently priced from £1,750. Additional extras can be added on, once the brand identity is set up which start from £350.

What's included in your Signature Package?

My Signature Package is a bespoke design service where I create a brand identity for your business. It includes: brand questionnaire, mood board generation, logo suite, colour palette, suggested fonts and brand guidelines. I feel these are the essentials for a strong brand identity.

What's a logo suite?

I offer flexible and responsive logo designs which include a variety of different layouts/styles (depending on your requirement/preferences) to enable you to have a versatile brand identity. This generally consists of a primary logo, an alternate logo, a submark and favicon. It could also include other variations, such as: a primary logo with tagline, sub logos etc.


I only need a logo, can you do that?

I believe the minimum visuals a business needs to establish a strong brand are: a logo suite, a colour palette and complementary typography/suggested fonts), therefore this is my minimum package offering (Signature Package).

How does the Pick + Mix service work?

I've created the Pick + Mix service to give my clients inspiration and choice when it comes to how they want to extend their brand. I've put together bundles (of commonly requested items) which clients can choose to mix and match how they think is best and what's achievable within their budget. I offer these 'add on' graphic design services exclusively to my brand identity clients.

I already have my logo/brand identity set up by another designer, can I order additional services from you without your signature package?

I currently only offer graphic design services to new and existing brand identity clients. This is because I have all the brand assets (logos, colours, fonts) needed to create additional designs. I would only make an exception if you have a professionally designed logo with access to all the original files and the brand guidelines. Just send me a message if you're unsure.

Do you offer discount if I add more than one Pick + Mix bundle?

Yes, I can offer discount on bundles ordered at the same time. As I outsource printing I don't have control over their prices, so I can't set specific discount, but I can offer discount on my design time if two or more bundles are ordered together.

How do you take payment for the project?

I request a 50% deposit to get the project started. I'll send you an invoice from my accounting software where you'll have the details to pay via bank transfer. The final balance is due just before I release your final logo files/brand assets. All extras will be quoted for separately and need to be paid for in full before I carry out an additional work.

Do you offer refunds?

I don't start any work until the deposit is paid. Once the deposit is paid, I book out time in my diary to work on your project, therefore I cannot refund your deposit if you change your mind. You can, however, cancel the project and you wouldn't be required to pay the final balance, but you won't receive any of the half completed files. The final balance is due before your final brand assets are sent to you. Once the final balance has been paid, I then can't offer a refund on the final balance.

Do you offer payment plans?

I don't currently offer payment plans, but I do already split the total amount into a deposit and final balance which will be due approx. 4 - 6 weeks apart. If you require any additional services these will need to be paid for in full after your brand identity is set up as most of the additional services include printing which I need to order from a third party.

Why do your prices say 'from' and not an exact price?

I like to be transparent with pricing so potential clients can quickly see an approximate price to work out if their budget accommodates my services. I state my prices are 'from' so that clients understand the price may be higher if they have additional requests that are not included in my package offering or if the price of printing increases (which is beyond my control). 


I don't live local to you, how will that work?

Most of my work is digital so I can work from anywhere in the world and you can be anywhere in the world! I offer Zoom calls to clients who can't meet up locally and mainly communicate via email regardless. I've had clients in Dubai, USA, Cyprus and all over the UK! When it comes to printing and non-UK clients it's more cost effective to order print in your own country, therefore the additional design bundles would be priced slightly different. Please enquire about this.


I need my brand identity completed by a certain date. Is that possible?

My signature brand identity package takes around 4 - 6 weeks to complete - I can try my best to meet a specific deadline, but due to the nature of bespoke design - it will never be guaranteed.

Why does your process take 4 - 6 weeks?

This is an average based on working with my previous clients. Some projects have taken 2 weeks, some have taken 12 weeks, but most fall within 4 - 6 weeks. There's a lot of work and stages that go into creating a strong brand identity. It also involves your time and ideas and I like to allow 'thinking time' on both sides, so that the final product is designed with intention and not rushed.

What if I don't like the design you've created for me?

My process is structured in stages and we don't move forward until you're happy with each stage. We start with the foundations of your business and any ideas / inspiration you have. The more information you provide at the beginning of the project, the more it helps me form a perfect brand identity for you. In the rare case that you don't want to continue the project, you can cancel the project, but you will lose your deposit. 

What happens if there's a fault with the printing?

When you order with me I send print ready artwork to professional printers. I then receive the order and personally check over the items for quality control. Any issues will be dealt with and if there's a delay in your order I will let you know. If you spot any mistakes or typos that you signed off on approval, I cannot take responsibility and you will be responsible for the reprinting costs. 

If I want to re-order a bundle will it be the same price?

The bundle prices are set at a 'from' rate because the price of printing can fluctuate and also if you require a more complex printing finish this may increase the price. If you want to re-order your exact bundle with little to no changes to the artwork, I can offer a discount.

Can I order my own printing and you just create the designs?

If you feel confident enough ordering print then, yes I can create 'print ready' artwork for you. You would need to upload/send the designs yourself and go through the proofing process with the printing company.

Can I request additional design work that's different to your set bundles?

Yes of course! I put together my most requested design services into bundles to provide inspiration and to also set a minimum order. It's much more cost effective to order a few items at once rather than small jobs here and there. 

Before I order, can I see a selection of finished products you've created for previous customers?

Sure! I share a lot of my previous client work on my portfolio and my social media channels. If there's something specific you'd like to see and can't see on my website or social media, just contact me and let me know! :-) 

What is the design process?

First up you'd fill out an enquiry form and then we'd arrange a no obligation consultation in person or via Zoom. Following on from that, I'd send you a design proposal and if you're happy to proceed, a 50% deposit is required and then the project would begin. 

My design process is split into 7 stages:

Stage 1 - Brand questionnaire / initial ideas. 

Stage 2 - Mood board creation / direction

Stage 3 - Logo / identity development / present concepts

Stage 4 - Feedback / amendments

Stage 5 - Refine / Send final proposal

Stage 6 - Finalise everything and create brand guidelines document

Stage 7 - Final balance is paid and final files are released! 

Can I send you some ideas?

Yes! Absolutely! I encourage you to send me ANY ideas - whether that's logos you've seen, photos or artwork that inspires you or even a quick sketch you've drawn! The more inspiration I have from you, the more I have to work with and will get a better, more aligned result! 

Have any other questions?
Get in touch.

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