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If you’re a small business owner or entrepreneur looking for the best way to nail your brand and bring it to life, then I’m your next move!


As a graphic designer and passionate business owner myself, I know what a BIG deal it is to get something as important as your brand spot on. It needs to ‘speak’ everything about your business, its values and purpose. And that’s what I’m here for. 


I dedicate time to really understand you and your business. I like to ‘get you’ and showcase your brand values by creating cool, easy-to-use brand assets and creative graphics especially for your business - whether for digital use, print or social media. 


I enjoy building a brilliant working relationship with all my clients, using attention to detail and great service, making the whole experience warm and personal in a way that you might not experience with a big agency. 


Every day I use my graphic design skills and creativity to help business owners pin down their brand - and I love it! More importantly, so do my clients! Check out my portfolio and client reviews.


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Though my services are about YOU, here’s a whistle stop tour of my background in case you’re wondering.


I've worked in the design industry since 2008, after graduating from Teesside University with a degree in Graphic Design. I also studied a foundation course in Art & Design at Cleveland College of Art & Design and... well, let's not go back any further. You definitely don't want to see my GCSE art projects.


Let’s chat about how we can work together to create something really special and unique for your business.

Alex Williams
Brand Identity Designer

A bit more about me…


  • Middlesbrough, North East England is where I call home. It’s very close to the coast which I often visit - my favourite beaches are Saltburn and Sandsend


  • I can’t resist chocolate, sweets, cakes, desserts, doughnuts… Can you tell I have a sweet tooth? 


  • I like being outside and walking - especially when breathing in that sea air!


  • I love cats, bunnies and sausage dogs. So. Cute!


  • I’m into American sitcoms like Friends, Seinfeld and Frasier but also love British comedy - Ahhhaaa! Alan Partridge and Ricky Gervais are my faves to make me LOL.


  • I adore colour - my favourites are pink and mint green, but also the simplicity and contrast of black and white


  • Playing video games! Classics like Sonic The Hedgehog, Out Run and Mario Kart are my inner-child heaven!


  • On a more musical note, I’m into Mumford & Sons, MGMT, alt-J, Beyoncé, Alicia Keys, Calvin Harris, Sigrid, Daft Punk and Jay Z


  • I just love having fun - my perfect day would probably involve a theme park, pizza, pick 'n' mix and good music! 


Do we have anything in common?

Drop me a message and let me know! :-) 


"Alex will take you along a journey of finding out who are you and what you stand for as a business. With that in mind, she will create something that not only represents your business, but will also tell a story through your logo."

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