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How I can help you improve your brand

Curious about how my graphic design skills and branding expertise can help your business?

Alex Williams Design sitting in a red velvet chair

Let me tell you the ways I can help you improve your brand...

1. Help you find your essence

I’ll help you understand the essence of your brand including its values, mission and target audience. I’ll tailor your brand visuals to effectively communicate your business and attract your dream clients!

2. Help you get ALL the ideas out of your head

If you’re anything like me, you LOVE lots of different styles and colours and you can’t decide on a direction for your brand. 

You may also feel like you’re constantly changing up how your brand looks and you feel like it may be confusing your customers and holding you back.

3. Provide you with professional brand assets

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with designing your own logo and brand. In fact, I encourage start-ups to do as much as they can themselves, to get their business up and running and concentrate on making money. 

However, there’ll come a time when you’ll want:

  • A better result or

  • A better product

  • For YOU or

  • YOUR business

...that you just can’t do or make yourself.

4. Help you be consistent

Encourage you to maintain a cohesive visual identity which will strengthen your brand, so your business always looks its best wherever your customers may find you.

5. Constant learning

I keep up-to-date with design and marketing trends, so if you’re struggling with something to do with branding, the chances are I can help you.

6. Continued support

I’ll be your brand cheerleader, advisor and your on-hand brand expert, so you can ask me questions about your brand... anytime! 

As a client of mine, we’ll have built up a relationship and I’ll know your business pretty well. I will always answer your questions and advise you the best I can – for FREE! If you have lots of questions you can always book a Power Hour or hire me to be your designer for the day.


Are you ready to make a change?

Let’s take your brand to the next level.

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