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5 things that are cheapening your brand

I'm dropping the brand truth bombs today. Strap in, let's go...

Building a business is no easy ride, so I totally understand that you can't do everything at once and sometimes you simply have to concentrate on the things in the business that make money. However, there comes a point when you need to start levelling up your business and here's 5 things that might be cheapening your brand.

Using fonts that are not the right fit

I’ve seen Comic Sans-esque fonts used in a restaurant which was aiming to be luxury. Whilst Comic Sans has its place, it certainly isn't on a luxury restaurant menu. A timeless, serif font paired with a sans serif would be better suited in this case. On the flip side Comic Sans is a great font for a children's soft play. It's not that there are wrong fonts, only wrong fonts for the wrong business.

Remember: Use the most appropriate fonts for your business.

Using images sourced from Google

Searching Google for an image and using it for your own social media is not something I would advise. It's ok for the odd meme post or for anything shared on Instagram Stories, but definitely don't use Google images for your general social media posts. If you really want to use a certain image and you can't capture it yourself, there’s plenty of free stock image websites out there that you can use.

Remember: Your own images (or ones taken by a professional photographer) will always be the best, most authentic images that you can use.

Only selling is cheapening your brand

You know those salespeople who hover round the supermarket exits and try and sell you something and want you to sign up there and then? What are the chances you happen to want that service or product right at that moment? It would feel much less intrusive if said salespeople simply handed you a flyer and on that flyer there were some great tips about the problem they solve or some case studies about their product or service. You might keep that flyer to refer back to it, and when you're ready for the product or service they offer you might think of them and get in touch with them. Selling is fine and should definitely be part of your marketing plan, but customers also love to see other aspects of your business, such as: your expertise, your journey, your process, behind the scenes clips, advice about using your product or service and more.

Remember: Sales should only make up about 10% of what you share.

Using a free email address like @‌ or

A custom domain email looks wayyy more professional than a free email address. It shows that you take your business seriously (it's not just a hobby) and that you are willing to invest in your business. Spoiler alert. It's not that expensive.

Remember: You don't have to have a website, just the domain to have a custom email.

Not having a professional visual identity

A perfectly aligned visual identity will make your brand look so professional. Your designer will consider: your goals, your vision, your target audience (and more) and create an amazing visual identity for your business. When you have all your brand assets (colours, fonts, logos), you can extend your brand easily and know that it will be aligned, professional and consistent across all your touch points!

Remember: A DIY identity is fine when you're starting out, just make sure it works for you as you grow and doesn't hold you back.

Oh dear, my brand sucks! Now what?

The good news is that some of these are quick, easy and free fixes that you can implement right away. Others might need a bit more thought, and some will need to be a considered investment. But at least you know where you might need to level up so your business can be the best it can!

Need help with any of the above? Please get in touch with me today!

Alex :-)

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