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20 things I've learnt about Instagram since 2017

I’ve managed various business (or creator) Instagram accounts since 2017 and this is what I’ve learnt...

Alex Williams Design posting on Instagram on the move
Posting on Instagram on the move

1. Size doesn't matter (Follower count doesn't necessarily equate more money/sales).

2. Size also does matter! (Get your post/story sizing right if you want your brand to look professional).

3. Aesthetics do matter, but aren't the be-all.

4. Content creation is hard if you're doing it for your own biz and have no help, but it is a lot easier if you understand your 'why'.

5. Trends can help, but don't go too far from what feels right for your brand.

6. So many people see your content beyond the people that actually 'like' your posts.

7. You can spend ages crafting a post for it to get 3 likes. It doesn't mean it's bad. Timing, types of content, external factors can all have an impact.

8. You can create content off the cuff and it gets unexpected engagement.

9. Never, ever use images found on Google or stock photography with a watermark.

10. Think of your Instagram as a mini website – clear bio, handy highlights, pinned posts to help users navigate.

Alex Williams Design drawing
Instagram Idea generation in progress

11. The algorithm will constantly change (don't try to keep up with it).

12. New features can be added at anytime. Try to embrace them.

13. Consistency is better than bursts of activity.

14. Create a content schedule that works for YOU. If you can realistically only post once a week? Post once a week.

15. Done is better than perfect.

16. Interact with your audience with polls, questions, replying to comments etc.

17. Some accounts grow really quickly, others take years. Don't burn yourself out just to get a certain amount of followers.

18. You don't have to 'go live'.

19. If you want to go viral, make sure you're ready for it. Going viral with a weak account will do absolutely nothing for you.

20. There's lots of different ways to generate content ideas. There's no right way, only the one that feels right to you.

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Alex Williams Design sketching Instagram ideas in her sketch book
Creating a clear brand for clients!

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