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5 things a brand identity designer can do for your business

A brand identity designer can visually improve your business, but there are other benefits of working with a professional designer...

Help you find clarity in your service offering

Do you have lots of different services or products and you've got to a point where you're even confusing yourself? A brand identity designer can help you, by taking a fresh look at what your business offers and give you some impartial advice. Part of a brand identity designer's job is to ensure that the look and feel of the brand are conveyed in the right way and that it's aligned to the company's mission and values.

So the clearer your business is, the easier it will be for a designer to create the perfect brand assets for you. Think of it similar to an interior designer - if they were hired to create a vision for a living room and it was currently very messy and full of different decor styles - they would probably want to find out what style you prefer and what is best for the room. They would then streamline the style, keeping the items that enhance the room and then create a cohesive look which aligns to the vibe you were hoping to achieve.

Find an overall style/direction for your brand

If you don't know what you want, then this is where a brand identity designer can really help you. They can help you figure out: your target audience, your personal preferences, your mission and values and then help you create a mood board which will help the designer create a brand identity that's just perfect for your business.

Design professional brand assets

Once all the foundations are in place and the direction is set, the brand identity designer can now use their graphic design skills to create professional brand assets. Through sketching ideas, using industry standard software and using their skills to refine the concepts - a designer will create a unique suite of brand assets including: logos, submarks, colour palettes and more.

Establish a strong brand identity which you can build upon

Once you have your final brand identity in place, you can build upon it. Whether that's ordering signage and uniform or creating leaflets and websites... as soon as you have all the brand assets set up, you can make design decisions quickly and easily using your brand guidelines as guidance.

Create a brand you’ll be proud to show off

When you have a professional brand identity that showcases your business and perfectly aligns with your mission and values, it's something that you'll be so proud to show off.

You'll want to direct people to your website

✅ You'll want to network

✅ You'll want to hand people your business card

✅ You'll want to take out an advert because you look professional AF

... you'll be so proud to tell people about your amazing business, because now you have an amazing brand!

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