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5 Quick tips to improve your brand

With these simple tips you can dramatically improve your brand presence with little effort. From keeping consistent, to making it easier for potential customers to find you... all these tips will help strengthen your brand!

1. Register your business with Google

It's free and easy to register your business with Google. It makes your business look legit and it's good for SEO... so it's a no-brainer! Plus, when a potential customer Googles your business (or Googles a business name similar to yours) and your Google details come up - it looks professional and reassures customers that you're the real deal.

Also, you can direct previous customers to your Google listing so they can leave you a review, which is great for building trust with your audience.

2. Make good use of your Insta bio to improve your brand

Think of Instagram as a mini website, and think of your Instagram bio as your first paragraph on your homepage. It's potentially the first thing your customers see, so make good use of it. Consider including who you are, what you offer, where you're based and why people should follow you. You could also add some relevant emojis to add personality or use them instead of bullet points if you want to list your top services. Avoid generic statements and using too many hashtags.

3. Remind people of what you offer

Just because you know your business inside out, doesn't mean your customers do. People need reminding of what you offer, how you offer it, why you offer it and when you offer it...

Sometimes it's as simple as creating a social media post or Instagram Story to communicate your current services, prices, availability etc to spark an enquiry from a potential customer.

4. Try and use the same fonts and colours 90% of the time

Whether you have a professional visual identity set up or not, you should still be trying to stick to a limited colour palette and limited fonts. Why? Because the more consistent you are with your visual brand, the more your customers will recognise your brand and you will become top of mind when they're looking for a service you offer. It also looks more aesthetically pleasing rather than a mishmash of different styles.

5. Think about your USP to improve your brand

What makes your business different to the next? You might think you don't have a Unique Selling Point (USP), but I bet you do. Ask yourself this question to help figure out your USP...

Why would a customer come to you, rather than your competitor?

Your USP doesn't need to be a huge, complicated reason. It could be as simple as:

  • Your business is eco-friendly

  • Your location

  • Your speed

  • Your easy-to-understand service offer

  • Your unique way of wrapping gifts

  • You have exclusivity on stocking a particular brand

  • The fun language you use

Bonus tip 👇

Regularly check your links to make sure that you’re directing customers to the right places on your website. You want to make it as easy as possible for customers to find information about your product or service. If they go round in circles trying to find your contact form or pull their hair out trying to figure out your opening hours, they will get frustrated and go elsewhere.

I hope you found these tips useful, even if you implement one this week, you're one step closer to improving your brand!

Alex :-)

If you would like further help to improve your brand, please get in touch by either filling out a brand identity enquiry form or for anything more general, just drop me a message on my contact form - both can be found here 👇

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