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5 EASY ways to improve your brand for FREE

I totally understand not every business can afford a full brand identity package, but let me share some quick and easy ways you can improve your brand on social media for free, today!

Consistent colour use

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a bespoke colour palette. Pick 2 - 3 colours that complement each other and use them consistently. You’ll start to create a clear, consistent look that your customers will remember.

Consistent font use

Very similar to the first point. Choose up to 3 fonts and use the same fonts for each piece of artwork you create. Use one font for headings and variations of that font (or complementary fonts) for subheadings and body copy (paragraph text).

Use better quality images

It might sound obvious, but don’t use dark, blurry or pixelated images. I know sometimes you might feel that you NEED to post something, rather than nothing. However, posting a bad picture is more damaging than posting none at all. You want your brand to look professional, right? And that doesn’t mean you have to always be wearing a suit or have your product/service looking absolutely perfect. It just means taking time to set up your shot. So, good lighting, choose an interesting backdrop, move (or cover up) unsightly things in the background and make sure your camera lens is smudge free! Also try subtly editing your photos by adjusting the brightness and contrast.

Less is more

If you’re creating content for social media and have a lot to say on a particular subject...

break it down. People have short attention spans, so need easy-to-read content when scrolling. If you have a lot of information to get across, spread it over a Carousel post (like this one). If you’re creating a Reel or TikTok video, see if you can split the info into parts and drip feed your followers. These methods also help you create more content, from one idea.

Consider what you’re posting and where you’re posting

I’m thinking about Instagram in particular here. You can express your personality through Instagram Stories by posting images and videos that are more authentic and unedited. You could include behind the scenes clips, sneak peeks of products/services, polls/quizzes and even glimpses of your personal life… but all these examples shouldn’t really take up real estate on your grid. For example, whilst your followers might be interested in what you had for your lunch via your Instagram Stories… I wouldn’t recommend posting a picture of your lunch on your main grid if it’s completely irrelevant to your product or service.

Need more help with your logo and branding?

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