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Liberty HR

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Kimberly contacted me and asked me to create a new brand identity for her HR company, Liberty HR Solutions. She wanted an identity that included creative elements that she could use consistently on various touch points throughout her brand. 

As she wasn't sure how she wanted the brand to look, I asked her to create a Pinterest mood board and pin everything that inspires her. When I looked through her mood board I could see there were a few different directions, so I collated the images and added my own ideas. I then presented her three mood boards with different directions. 


She really liked them all but the serif logos and neutral colours were standing out to her the most. After sketching some ideas in my sketchbook, I then started to develop logo ideas on my iMac. I presented around 6 initial logo ideas. She picked one but asked for some tweaks. I then presented her 3 tweaked options for her to choose from. She picked her final logo and then I moved on to creating some creative elements.


As well as the neutral colour palette and minimal hand drawn linear mark you can see on the final identity, she also liked a teal/turquoise colour palette with more polka dot style creative elements that I had shown her on one of the first mood boards. As she liked both, I developed each idea with her logo, so I could visualise each idea to help her make a decision on which direction she wanted to go with.

Seeing both ideas developed, she decided that the neutral palette with the hand drawn lines was the way to go for her brand. I then finalised all the assets and created a final proposal which showcased how her whole brand identity would look.

Kimberly was over the moon with the final proposal! I finalised her brand guidelines and saved each brand assets ready for use! 

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