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Happy Healthy Nena

Health + Wellness Coach

It was lovely to work on the logo and brand project for Happy Healthy Nena! Nena is a health & fitness coach specialising in helping women live a healthier, happier lifestyle through good diet and exercise. Nena wanted a logo that was warm, welcoming, friendly, lively, youthful and energetic. She liked the idea of incorporating rainbows and hearts in the logo but also wanted the text to be able to work alone too. I created some logo options for Nena and she really loved the option with sans serif type, combined with the flowing calligraphy brush lettering font. She liked the balance of simplicity and movement with a feminine touch. The colours in the logo represent health - a juicy watermelon shade, a refreshing mint shade and a beautiful pink rose shade which all work in harmony to create a happy, healthy vibe.

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