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North VA Ltd.

Virtual Assistants

Karen North got in touch with me as she wanted a new logo and brand identity for her business. Her business was changing to a limited company so she thought this was a great time to rebrand. I met with Karen and we talked about her colour preference and how she wanted the brand to feel. She wanted the brand to feel upmarket and professional but also friendly and approachable.


I came up with two different visual directions we could take the brand. One was full of rich reds and elegant typefaces, the other was more minimal with a neutral feeling.

Karen opted for the first direction, so I worked on some initial logo concepts and presented four options to her. She liked two of the options so I combined both concepts to create the final design which includes the business name in an elegant, uppercase typeface. It also includes a star/sunray icon which represents the many admin/business support tasks that her company offers and takes care of. Once this concept was agreed, I created alternate logo versions and submarks, so Karen has flexibility with her brand.

We refined the colour palette so it included a rich, deep red and also a dash of navy. Both these colours were complemented by a neutral stone colour to add balance to the brand.

I wrapped up the project by creating brand guidelines for her and now Karen has a strong brand set up she can continue to add to and grow.

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