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SJ Coaching

High performance coach

Shirley wanted a brand identity creating for her coaching business. She wasn't sure what she wanted so I created two different mood boards which I thought suited her business and style. She liked parts from each mood board so I moved onto creating some logo concepts for her. We went through a few revision rounds until she was happy with the concept. We then tried a few different colour palettes and when she saw the dusky blue with a touch orange - she knew it was the one!

The main logo consists of: her initials 'SJ' and the word 'coaching'. It's simple and bold and the serif typeface for the initials gives a timeless feel, whilst the sans serif uppercase word balances the logo to create a neutral feel. I created an alternate logo using a calligraphy style typeface which also pairs nicely with the sans serif word coaching.

The colour palette is unique and eye-catching. It feels fresh and modern but also professional with a fun side. I played around with additional typefaces that would complement the brand and finally I wrapped up the project with brand guidelines so Shirley knew how to get the most out of her new brand identity!

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