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Relaxing Minds

Crystal Shop + Complementary Therapies

I loved working on this brief from Kelly at Relaxing Minds. She wanted to combine her two passions under one brand - her crystal shop and also her complementary therapy service. I created a primary logo which included a crystal icon and a moon to reflect both sides of her business. I also created alternate logos and sub brands which all took on the same colours, font families and style making the whole brand and its elements consistent throughout.


Kelly gave me free rein on colour palettes, as long as pink (her favourite colour) was included! After researching crystals and gathering images for her mood board I could see that a soft pink would work beautifully with galaxy colours like dark navy, amethyst and a light minty green. This colour palette works so well for Kelly's brand as it reflects the magical vibes of crystals and is also soft and calming to reflect her therapy side.

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