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Blonde Creative Ltd.

Brand Copywriters & Creative Strategists

Holly asked me to create a logo and brand identity for her copywriting business. She had an idea in her head how she wanted her logo to look - Her initials 'HT' sat within two imperfect circles with the word 'Copywriting' round the edge.


She also really wanted to include a bright pink colour mixed with a bright orange and she loved the idea of having a sunset gradient of the two colours. ​

After she shared her ideas and Pinterest board with me, I noticed, as well as the pink and orange inspiration, she also pinned a lot of black and grungy elements - so I created two mood boards for her - one that was softer and included more pink and orange, then another mood board which included mainly black and white with some grungy, graphical elements. When I presented the mood options to her, she preferred the bright colours but wanted to include some black, grungy elements too.

This refined mood board was now the direction for the project.


I then created some initial logo options for her to review. She chose one idea, and I then rolled out the concept to the rest of the brand. Once she was completely happy with all elements I created a brand guidelines document and sent her all her final files.


Holly then came back to me and asked me to design her website. I created a cool website using white as the background colour and then added a lot of black to contrast, I then added pops of orange and pink and hand drawn graphical element to elevate the site and give it some edge. Holly is a talented copywriter and she had some great ideas for her website.


I’ve also created Holly’s business stationery and event promo items.


Words from Holly...

"Alex has been central to my rebrand. She totally 'got' my brand and I'm blown away by how it all looks and feels... I couldn't recommend her enough! She's now my go-to designer."

Holly Thomson, The Brand Copywriter

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