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Clare Wilson

Virtual Assistant

I LOVED working on Clare's brand identity. Clare is a very friendly, bubbly girl who's full of enthusiasm. After an initial chat, she shared her ideas with me via Pinterest. Clare had a LOT of ideas, so many that I gave her three mood board options! The only problem was that she loved them all! After a bit of thought, she decided on one which she felt was most 'her'. I then developed some logo concepts for Clare to choose from. 


Once she was happy with the logo concept, I created her other brand assets including alternate logos/submarks and font recommendations.


We then refined the colour palette. She wanted the colours to be very vibrant and bright and for them to mean something to her. She loves wearing striking colour combinations so we used a photo of some of her favourite dresses which inspired her final colour palette.

I provided Clare with clear brand guidelines so she could use all her new brand assets and give her flexibility to create her own graphics in Canva. A few months later she came back to me and asked me to redesign her website. I throughly enjoyed creating Clare's website and using her brand guidelines as direction made the whole process seamless!


Words from Clare...

"I met Alex at a networking event as I was about to undergo a rebrand. I thought I had decided on my designer, but Alex threw a huge spanner in the works. We instantly hit it off and after checking out her social media pages I decided that she was the one who I wanted to help me.

She didn't disappoint!

She was amazing and I couldn't have asked for anyone better. She listened to everything I asked, she was patient (which was a must for my indecisiveness!), enthusiastic and she genuinely cared about my business. Which goes such a long way.

The finished product was perfect! She captured the essence of my brand in a way I couldn't possibly have done and really brought out 'me' through it all.


Fast forward a few months and I asked Alex to take a look at redesigning my website too. Alex created a site that is clear, concise and bold – 100% on brand! It makes me smile from ear to ear every, single, time I look at it.

If you are looking for someone who is fun to work with, vibrant and enthusiastic, coupled with being an incredible designer, then look no further, Alex is the woman for you!"

Clare Wilson, Owner Clare Wilson VA

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