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Alfie's Mutt Hut

Doggie Day Care

Katy contacted me and asked me to create a brand identity for her new doggie day care business. She had a few ideas but wasn't sure how she wanted her brand to look, but she did want it to feel friendly, welcoming and clean.

I created two mood boards for her to help her pick a direction for the identity. She liked the idea of some hand drawn elements but also liked the cleanness of a sleek, but bold sans serif. I presented six initial ideas and we kept refining the logo until Katy was 100% happy.


We then moved on to refining the colour palette and as she wasn't sure, I supplied a few colour combinations. Katy finally decided on a light blue, navy and white colour palette which we both felt was neutral, clean and professional.


The final logo was made up of a dog house icon housing a hand drawn paw print, two sans serif fonts - one of which is chunky and make the words 'mutt hut' really stand out. The other font is a rounded sans serif with wide spacing. The whole brand identity is bold, fun and welcoming.

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